New Version Of Remove Likes

Final Version On Remove Like Done


So we came up with a much faster and better way of removing likes from your Facebook fan pages and ones we had done that we started to build it.

The old version would check every page like and determine if it should be removed or not.

The new version will have a way to determine what country each like comes from without going though them all. This way if you want to remove all Turkey’s likes to your page I am only checking and removing the Turkey’s likes an looking at no other likes on your page.

So no more waiting for the software to run though all your likes. Now we will know the likes to remove and only go in and remove those likes.

The second improvement we made was the problem people where getting outside of United States that have been using our product. Their Facebook login setup where difference for every country. We are now making an online version where everything is uniform for every country in the world. Also this will give Mac users a program online to use.

The third improvement we have done is proxy support build into the online version so you will run on a new IP address every 2,000 removals. Making the Facebook soft ban a thing of the past.

The last improvement that many people have asked for is to setup Job’s on our system. So you have 10 pages that you need to remove likes from in our new online version you can setup 10 different job’s and the tool will run one job at a time and get your likes removed. This all while you do something else, taking no power off your computer to do.

The new online version is being tested as we speak and we should be ready to let users in that have already bought the software version by Monday or Tuesday. September 8-9 2014.

Everybody that have bought at the introductory price of $47 for unlimited removals will get their account to the online version as soon as it has been tested.