Attention Facebook Marketers & Page Administrators……..
Remove Fake Likes & Unresponsive Fans Ruining Your Facebook Pages, Easily & Automatically!
Fake likes & unresponsive fans are killing your ability to reach & engage with the real fans on your page! Finally there’s a way to bulk remove them, automatically!
Back in 2010 when I first created a fan page for my business I met a marketer who gave me some advice. He told me that unless you had lots of fans no one would take your page seriously & that it took too long to build a page up naturally so the best thing to do was to buy yourself some fans to get a jump start! So I took his advice & boy did it make my pages look successful! The numbers were fantastic! There was a problem though, no one was “liking” my posts or leaving comments & they certainly weren’t sharing! The non-purchased fans i had weren’t engaging either! My page was like an abandoned town, the sign said Population: 10,000 but there was nobody there! I’d got some bad advice!

So what happened?


 The bought fans were fake!

Turns out these fans were people paid to like pages, auto-bots, or fake accounts created for no other reason than to like the pages of people who bought fans!

Now all the fake likes I had were drowning out the opportunity for real fans to see my posts. It didn’t matter that I was adding real fans, only a tiny percentage would ever see my posts as they were diluted by the fake ones.

So the solution was simple!

Remove those fake likes & then more real fans would see my posts, start engaging and Facebook would reward me by showing my posts to more fans and the page would grow organically! EASY!


Anyone who’s tried quickly learns that there’s only one way to remove likes and that’s manually! For any page with more than 50 likes, that’s a painful, excruciatingly slow experience!

 I never purchased likes though!

It doesn’t matter if you purchased likes or not, many pages still have fake likes! Some advertised for likes in certain countries where spammers operate. Some had run contests in the wrong places and some pages are unluckly targeted by the like sellers to hide their fake likes!

Regardless of how they got there they have been close to impossible to remove! Until now…….

Now there’s an easy way to trash undesirable likes fast!
A group of super smart coders came together & developed the worlds first fully automated, super simple, highly effective software to remove fake likes & unresponsive Facebook Fans!

Set up in minutes!

Remove Likes only takes a few minutes to set up and be fully operational!

No techy skills required!

You don’t need to be a coder to use Remove Likes! Drop Dead simple software anyone can use!

Safe & secure to use!

The Software is safe when used properly. We’ve removed 1 million+ bad likes without issue!

Fully customizable!

You decide how aggressively to run software so you’ll never worry about removing real fans. 
It’s not just fake likes that hurt your results but unresponsive fans are just as damaging!
With the changes Facebook have made recently it’s harder than ever to reach your fans! Fake likes make your job even harder & unresponsive fans (real fans who never engage) add to the problem to make it almost Impossible!

Remove Likes is so easy to use you’ll be a master in minutes! (Click the images below to view the Real Likes dashboard in full size)


This powerful software is capable of removing thousands of fake or unresponsive likes per day! You could be trashing unprofitable likes ten minutes from now! All 3 Remove Likes programs – Pro, Lite and the Chrome Extension – are included in one package with UNLIMITED removals for only $49! Visit this page to learn more!


What do the experts say about fake likes & unresponsive fans?

“If you buy 90% of your Likes, you can bet that your Talking About This is going to be miniscule. And that tells a prospective fan who doesn’t know you bought those Likes that you are simply not interesting. This would also negatively impact your EdgeRank, which helps Facebook determine whether the content you create is relevant and worth showing to particular users. If a very low percentage of fans engage with your content, that will mess up your EdgeRank. Well, first we’ve determined that if you buy Likes they aren’t real people anyway. But the actual real people may not see your content because the fake ones destroy your EdgeRank.” Jon Loomer Facebook Marketing Expert
Facebook developed an algorithm (or really a group of algorithms) which determines how often your posts appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds. And it punishes you if your content is lacking. When you buy Facebook likes, the percentage of people who engage with your content (which is likely not even everyone who organically liked your page) will shrink. Let’s do the math: You have 200 organic fans of your page. Let’s say 25% of them engage with your content on a regular basis, that’s 50 fans. You buy 1000 fans (now a total of 1,200). If those 50 fans are still engaging with you, Facebook sees that only a meager 4.2% of your fanbase is engaging with your content. This tells the algorithm that you aren’t producing valuable content, and you will appear in your fans’ Newsfeeds even less often.

So what happened to those 200 organic fans that loved your brand? They’re still there, but they aren’t seeing your posts, and one of your competitors may have caught their eye in the meantime. (Psst… Facebook has declined organic reach by 50% in the last year and rumored to decline more. Don’t hurt yourself even more by purchasing likes.)

Anna J.P. Marketing

(please note these quotes don’t indicate any endorsement of Remove Likes by the author)

  • Dramatically increase your pages engagement
  • More fans = lower engagement – reduce useless numbers
  • Increase page rankings in Google – amazing results!
  • Increase your ability to make sales through your page
  • Increase “Likes” “Comments” & “Shares”
  • Find new customers within existing fan base
  • Raise credibility – people can spot pages with fake fans!
  • Avoid being used by spammers to hide fake likes

Listen to what some of our beta testers had to say…..

Recently i spoke to a number of Facebook marketing experts unaware of the development of Remove Likes & asked them what’s the most they would pay to remove all fake likes + all unresponsive fans from their Facebook page? Their answers were mind blowing! These guys get it! They understand how bad the wrong type of fan can be & they know to be rid of them would give them a huge advantage. The amount they’d pay is shown in the graph below:

Incredible! They’d pay between $3,000 & $10,000! Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that!

For a limited time you can get Remove Likes for an insanely low price during our launch!
If you have Facebook pages, this software pays for itself so many times over so quickly you’d be struggling to find a reason not to buy it! It takes an important  manual task that was not viable to do & automates it completely! This price won’t be around for long so act now! Your Facebook pages need this desperately!

Choose your Like Removal System! Remove Likes Pro or Remove Likes Lite

Remove Likes Pro
The complete likes removal system. Comes with multiple removal methods, complete automation, unlimited removals & is the fastest way to remove likes! If you want speed & 100% automation then Remove Likes Pro is your weapon!
Remove Likes Lite
Remove Likes Lite is for those with a smaller number of likes to remove or those that want a precise removal system that allows them to first look at each fan and then decide if they should be removed! Comes with unlimited like removals.
So you have absolutely nothing to lose but those engagement sapping fake likes & fan page killing unresponsive fans turning your page into a virtual online ghost town!
Get Remove Likes Pro, Lite and the Chrome Extension Now for $87 Just $49
Secure Your Copy of Remove Likes Lite and Take Back Control of Your Facebook Pages…
The fastest way to remove bulk likes automatically! Multiple removal methods One-Time Only Payment – Includes Unlimited Like Removals
Secure Your Copy of Remove Likes and Take Back Control of Your Facebook Pages…
The fastest way to remove bulk likes automatically! Multiple removal methods One-Time Only Payment – Includes Unlimited Like Removals
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How does the remove likes tool work ?

The tool uses the Facebook graph search to find people from different countries that like your page, you select the country to remove the likes from & the tool will perform the search and remove people.

What if I want to remove people in a certain age group or gender Can the tool do that ?

Yes the tool (Remove Likes Pro only) can remove all women or men from a page, or all people aged 50 to 60. If you can make a Facebook search that finds people that like your page we can remove them.

I’m not sure if I should get the lite version or the Pro version?

If you have a lot of likes to remove and/or multiple pages, want a fully automatic way of removing likes & want to remove them as fast as possible then go for the Pro version. If you only have a few likes to remove or would prefer to check each fan scheduled for removal first, grab the Lite version. For more information, check out the overview videos below!

Does the tool work on Mac?

While Remove Likes Pro and Lite are designed for Windows, they may be run via Virtual Machines (like Parallels) in Mac. Also the Google Chrome extension may be ran on any operating system.

Is this program safe to use? Will my account get banned?

In beta testing we removed over 1 million likes & pushed the system to the max & not 1 account was banned! If you use the program as instructed (Up to 2000 removals per day) then we believe your account is perfectly safe.

Is Facebook ok with me removing Likes?

Facebook are on a mission to remove all fake likes from Facebook. That you are helping them with this is a good thing.

Remove Likes Pro Software Overview:

Remove Likes Lite Software Overview:

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