Pre-order Remove Likes 4!

Featured on 1 Jan , 1990

Remove Likes 4 is available for pre-order!

The first and second Remove Likes were somewhat of an experiment.

A little later we developed RemoveLikes three.
RemoveLikes 3 did a great job for a long time until Facebook started updating it’s site frequently.
This was an issue we admittedly failed to foresee and it turned the code base into a mess.

Welcome Remove Likes 4!

Remove Likes 4 was designed with our prior experience kept in mind so it’s extremely easy to update.
Remove Likes 4 now also runs 4 threads where the others only ran one.

Instead of taking as long as it did to remove likes in the past, it now utilizes three separate threads.
One for searching, one for checking a user and one for performing removals.

This has provided the software with incredible speed.

We’ve been getting inquiries on when the next Remove Likes will be available again.

We expect the software to be available by August 21st and the price of the new version will be $67.

If you pre-order now you can get this amazing software for only $40!

Anyone that pre-orders will be emailed their download link and serial on or before August 21.

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