Why You Need To Remove BAD Facebook Likes & How

Why You Need To Remove BAD Facebook Likes & How

Why You Need To Remove BAD Facebook Likes & How

Removing Facebook likes are becoming more and more of a top priority for marketers to get their post seen on an ever crowded Facebook, the social media company of choice for more than 1.4 billion people. So who should you remove and why is it critical for your edge rank on Facebook to do so?

Removing Facebook Likes That Do Not Engage With Your Posts

Facebook has their own algorithm that determines how a post is distributed to the people that like your page, it’s called edge rank and it’s based on the level of engagement on the page. So if lots of people Like, Share and comment on your posts, Facebook’s algorithm will think the post is important and let more of your fans see that post. If nobody engages with the post, well then Facebook will show it to fewer people. So it’s critical for your distribution on Facebook that you get as much engagement as possible.

Having people that care about your subject read, like and share your posts is what it’s all about. However, if lots of people that have liked your page do not really care about your cause or business, they will not engage.

Removing The Right Facebook Likes.

If you have a business that relies on interest from people from western countries like the USA, UK, Germany etc. then you might want to remove the people from Turkey, India or Russia that liked your page. You can take a look at your insights panel on your page to see where people are from that have liked your page.

Facebook insight

This picture gives you a good idea of what fans to remove; Turkey and Brazil as they would not use my services.

Now you can do the removal manually by going to settings ->banned users-> People who like this. You would have to look up each person to see what country they are from and it would probably take 3-4 minutes per removal.

Tool to Remove Facebook likes

So we created the tool you see here on this page to take the manual job of removing likes and make it automatic. So how does it work? Well you register on this site and then you download the software or you can use an online version of the tool. The software we have built over the last 3 months works like this; it uses the Facebook Graph search to find people from a specific country that likes a specific fan page.


graph search

It then starts removing all the people selected via our software. It takes about 5 sec. per removal and your Facebook likes will be removed one by one. This is very fast when you compare to doing it manually.

We have larger packages available as well, but this should give you an idea of how the software works as well as the pricing. We have removed over 1,5 million likes with this software in the last 6 months.

We have about 500 customers removing likes in the beta version and we are now ready to release it to the public. If you want to remove Facebook likes then try us out.