Remove Likes Passes 1.5 million Removals

We have now passed 1,500,000 fake like removals and we are removing likes at around 20,000 per day. We continue to refine and revise our software to provide our users with the best possible experience. 

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Problems And Solutions

Having problems with your account? Not to worry. Join our Facebook Group and get instant access to the creators of the software, as well as dozens of satisfied customers who meet to exchange tips and ideas on how best to remove fake Facebook likes. We offer detailed instructions, but most important, we offer unfiltered access to users just like you who are ridding their pages of unwanted likes.

Answers to Common Questions:

What do I do if the program fails to render my Facebook Page?

There are three common reasons for this, and all have simple solutions.

  1. First, ensure that your Facebook does not have any country restrictions. You can find this under your Settings on your Facebook page. While you remove unwanted likes, simply make sure that all countries can “see: your page. This can easily be changed once you have run the software.
  2. Second, check to see that there are no age restrictions on your page. Again, this is found on your settings page. Make sure all ages have access to your Page, at least while you are running the software.
  3. Third, make sure you are listed as an Admin of the page. If you are the creator of the page you are by default the Admin. However, many pages have many members with many different roles. In order to use the software on your page, you must be an Admin. As with the previous issue, this can be changed in your settings tab.

What if I can’t login to Facebook?

While this is not a common problem, please make sure that you have entered the correct login information, including your Facebook username and your Facebook password. These may be different than your software username and password. For security reasons, Facebook will note an “unusual access” to your account. This is normal. It happens simply because you are using a different browser. Simply acknowledge the message and continue.

If Facebook requests that you create a new password, this is probably because you have your security settings set to “strict.” You can either change your security settings or enter a new password. The choice is yours.

What if Remove Likes does not remove likes from a given country?

Our software makes use of Facebook’s own graph system, which is the way they catalogue users and pages. It is also the way you make custom searches on the site. The example below shows the Facebook graph.


graph search


Go to your Facebook Business Page. At the top you will see tabs. One of them is called “Insights.” Click that tab and you will see a variety of statistical information, including demographic breakdowns of gender, age, country and language. If, for example, you have likes from a country such as turkey that you wish to remove, our first search option allows you to pick which countries you want removed from your page.

Review Facebook Insights

Sometimes, fake likers do not have a country associated with their page. Thanks to our advanced software, you can easily run a custom search. You can type in “People from turkey who like “X,” where “X” is the name of your page. You can search for Turkish speakers, or people who are from Turkey, or people from specific cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Remove Likes gives you a variety of options to ensure that you remove every single last one of the offending likes. If these don’t work, our vibrant Facebook Group is full of experts who can give you lots more searches to try.

We have listened to our customers and updated our software again and again to meet their needs. We think you will find that Remove Likes is as versatile as it is effective.

Look at your insight for the page you want to remove likes from and then try the graph search and the tool will remove all the Likes that comes up in the graph search.

I think you will see that the system is now working really well and if you have problems we will help you fix them.


Join Our Facebook Group!

Join Our Facebook Group!