Top 3 Reasons Your Facebook Post Are Not Show To Your Audience

Here is the problem, you are sitting with this nice Facebook business page that you have invested lots of time and money into and now you are seeing very little engagement from the people that liked your page. Well here are the top 3 reasons why you are failing.

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Reason #1 Engagement On Facebook

Take a look at your Facebook insight go to Insight -> People and take a look at where in the world your likes are coming from

Audience FB

If it looks anything close to the image I am showing you of one of my Fan pages well guess what, it looks like of the 6,500 fans/likes on the page only 342 comes from my target country USA. The rest are from around the world mostly Turkey. This means if my post get seen by 20% of my audience not many of the 342 people I am really interested in will see my post and their by cannot engage with my post. When I get no engagement I get no love from Google and no love from Facebook so I have to fix this by deleting the likes from the countries I don’t think will engage with my content. (Remove like tool)


Reason #2 Facebook And SEO

As you can see from the picture above most of my fan base is from Turkey on this page and country that I am not targeting and have nothing to sell to. That is bad, even worse is that Facebook has determine that my most used Language is Turkish (its not) but this has resulted in them (Facebook) have removed my URL from the nice with a Domain Authority (DA) of 100 to the less prominent url of When this happened my Page Authority (PA) that I had on the page was removed. So for this reason my page 1 ranking in Google for this pages main keyword was removed. So now its not in top 500 of Google. Removing the countries you don’t want and getting the Language back to English(US) will get me back on the correct url and the PA will come back and so will the engagement and ranking in Google.

Reason #3 Boost Post Facebook Audience

To get the engagement up I could boost the post to my audience? Well you could if you knew that the audience would engage the post, if not you would pay a lot more by boosting it to 6,500 likes when really you only wanted to show it to 342 people. When you check into boost post you will see you can not choose a country to send the advertising of boost post to. So again the cost of showing it to all these likes we don’t care about is to much, and we have to remove the countries we don’t like in Facebook.

Removing likes in Facebook can be done manually it just takes a long time, first you would check on the persons page what country he/she is from and then you would delete it. The program will do all this and even keep track of the different people on your site and what country they are from so if you later want to go back and remove another country it will already know where your likes are from and the remove like tool can delete the countries you have selected much faster.

The Key To Engagement On Facebook

Show you post to the people that are most interested in what you are talking about, do that by eliminating the people you are not interested in because you know they will not engage your audience.