About Us

RemoveLikes™.com is a social media marketing tool that enables businesses and consultants to improve both their rankings in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as their reputation on the social media giant Facebook. The brainchild of seasoned Internet marketer and developer Jacob Malherbe, this software is capable of automatically deleting unwanted Facebook likes from both company social media profiles and fan pages. With RemoveLikes™, no longer do you have to manually sift through thousands of individual names. With RemoveLikes™ you can finally take back your Facebook Pages and permanently rid them of the scourge of fake likes.

Relying solely on the number of visitors and Facebook likes that a page receives is a bad way to monitor social media engagement. As the number of social media users continues to skyrocket, the quality of visitors, not just the quantity, has become the most important factor in determining a page’s value. Separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Facebook visitors increases a page’s reach, making it capable of spreading your message to more people’s feeds.

When too many likes end up originating from foreign countries that are in no way associated with your business, this can cast a questionable light on how you are receiving these likes. It was even possible to sabotage a competitor’s business page by funneling irrelevant likes to their page. Before, there was no way to negate these unwanted likes. With RemoveLikes™, you now have a simple, cost effective method of protecting your Page and promoting your business to real, active users.

Harmful, fake likes are the reason why many Facebook pages end up becoming ever less visible in search engines and on social media. The formerly thriving fake likes business has driven both Facebook and the search engines to take action, by secretly penalizing abusers of the like system and halting their ability to reach actual customers.

By monitoring and penalizing these harmful likes, search engines and social media intend to deter such abusers from using the system improperly.

RemoveLikes™ is the solution to this problem.  By allowing clients to isolate and remove unwanted likes, RemoveLikes™ increases the quality of the Page by deleting fake profiles and likes from countries that literally have no business being associated with your page.  During the beta test of this groundbreaking software, RemoveLikes™ successfully isolated and removed millions of unwanted likes!

Demand for RemoveLikes™ is now at an all-time high. Word-of-mouth marketing from satisfied customers has been a chief contributor to our program’s success. Our customers are our greatest resource, as they will happily confirm the quality of our product. With RemoveLikes™, users finally have an efficient and accessible way to optimize their Facebook pages and extend their reach.