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Featured on 3 Feb , 2015

In an age of complex new algorithms and unforgiving search engine updates, fake profiles have become a scourge for entrepreneurs, established businesses and start-ups promoting themselves and their products on Facebook. The social media juggernaut and home to 1.4 billion active consumers has become clogged with tens of millions of fake profiles and fake likes. In an effort to address the problem, Facebook has begun penalizing business pages whose numbers have been artificially inflated by bots and automation.  Removing fake likes is now a top priority for Internet marketers and savvy business leaders who understand that the overall reach of their posts is stymied and clogged by fake profile users. Simply put: Fake likes are hurting your business.

Until now, the only solution was to manually remove the offending pages, a painstaking and tedious process, especially when fake likes number in the tens of thousands. But now, a revolutionary and secure software program allows you to easily and effectively remove fake likes. Now, you can take control of your Facebook page and start seeing the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Removing Facebook Likes That Do Not Engage With Your Posts

Facebook has released a new algorithm that determines how a post is distributed to the people who like your page. They call it “edge rank” and it’s based on user engagement. A vibrant and active community will Like, Share and Comment on posts. A page infected with fake likes may enjoy high numbers, but the user engagement is almost non-existent, as fake profiles neither like nor share nor comment. The more people who interact with your posts, the more Facebook’s new algorithm will extend that post’s reach. If there is no engagement, Facebook limits the reach of your post on the newsfeed. The more fake likes you have, the less real consumers are exposed to your brand. Engagement is now critical for success on Facebook. Fake likes are destroying your reach and costing you money for every day they remain on your page.

There was a time when artificially high page likes gave businesses an heir of authenticity and power, but that time is ancient history. Now, only real people matter. People who engage with your content by liking, sharing and commenting on your posts. Real people matter most to Facebook, which is how it should be. Fake profiles contribute nothing and now your page is being penalized for them.


Removing The Right Facebook Likes.

Unless your business targets a worldwide population with every demographic known to man, the smart move is to target your posts to a more specific audience. Most businesses have a more refined clientele that can be narrowed down by gender, age and country. If your business relies heavily on people from western countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany, then profiles from India, Turkey and Russia literally have no business being on your page. The same can be said for languages, age groups and even gender, depending on your product.  Facebook provides excellent analytics to page owners so they can see who their page is actually reaching.


Login to Facebook and click the page you wish to manage. As long as you have admin rights, you will see four tabs at the top. From left to right, they are Page, Activity, Insights, and Settings. Click on Insights and you will see data about everyone who has liked your page. Click on “People” and you can see the following information:

  • Gender (by percentage)
  • Age ranges (by percentage)
  • Country (a list of countries your fans call home)
  • City (the most populous cities, in terms of users on your page)
  • Language (the number of speakers of a specific language)

This information is vital to your business. If you conduct most of your business with English speaking women in Canada and the United States, a solid business page would show that the majority of your likes come from English speaking women in the US and Canada. But does yours? Has your page become bloated with likes from countries with which you have no dealings?  Is your page plagued by profiles whose language is not even the one you use? If so, those profiles are hurting your business. Fake or not, they must be removed. They’re not serving a purpose. They’re just getting in the way.

Review Facebook Insights

This picture gives you a good example of which fans to remove. As an American based company, likes from Turkey and Brazil would not likely use our services. They are preventing us from reaching actual customers who would benefit from our services.

You can do the removal manually by going to your page, clicking on “settings,” then “banned users” and then “people who like this.” You would have to look up each person to see what country they are from and it would probably take 3-4 minutes per removal. Assume you only have 1,000 bad likes and let’s say you are very fast and can do it only three minute per like. That is 50 HOURS of your precious time. And what if you had 5,000 fake likes? Or 10,000? Or 30,000? There’s just not enough time in a year, let alone a day. It is technically possible to do it manually. It’s also technically possible to walk across Europe and Asia, but we’ve invented planes and trains and automobiles because we don’t live in a world where we have countless hours of free time. Thankfully, our product removes likes in seconds, not minutes. No need to walk when you can ride. In style.


Finally, a Tool to Remove Fake Facebook Likes

We have created the program you see here on this page to automate the manual job of removing likes. Not only does this save precious time, but it penetrates deep into Facebook’s archive to ferret out fake likes and closed accounts that you simply cannot reach in a manual search. Here’s how it works:


  1. Download the software. If you prefer, you can use the Chrome Extension, Lite or Pro version.
  2. Login to the software with your username and password.
  3. Enter your Facebook login credentials where instructed.
  4. Select the page you wish to manage. If your page does not appear, make sure that you do not have any restrictions on your page, such as age restrictions. You can find this on your page, under “settings” and then “page restrictions.” Don’t worry; you can always add restrictions to your page once you have finished removing the bad likes.
  5. The software we have painstakingly designed over the last 4 months uses the Facebook Graph search to find people from a specific country who like a specific fan page.
  6. Select one of our pre-set search algorithms or do your own custom search. You can type in “Russian speakers who like X” where “X” is the name of your page.
  7. Press start. That’s it! The software automatically removes fake likes based on the commands you have entered.
Join Our Facebook Group!

Join Our Facebook Group!

Instead of 3-4 minutes, our software takes 3-5 seconds per like. One by one, you will see your fake likes disappear.

We’re so confident in the power of Remove Likes that we offer a full refund if it does not work for you. We have several paid options from which you can choose. You can even purchase an unlimited amount of fake like removals and never again have to worry about fake likes ruining your page.

To date, our users have removed more than 1,500,000 fake profiles from their pages. We even have our own Facebook Group  where prospective and current members are welcome to join, ask questions and share ideas. Feel free to join our group and ask any questions you have. We have dozens of active members who will happily assist you.


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